What is under the Cover? Tesla Model 3 Car Cover Review

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Margarita and I bring you another Tesla video. I know it has been a while.
We find out what is under the cover. Spoiler alert it is a Tesla Model 3 but the video is actually about the car cover.
Make sure to watch the beginning, some of the middle and of course the ending. At the very least do yourself this favor.
More cooking to come and more Tesla videos to come as we are able to get out more and more.

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Air Flow Ventilated Mesh – In hot weather, the Model 3 will automatically turn on overheat protection mode, the air conditioner will run automatically, and the air flow ventilated mesh will keep the air flowing.
Opening Charging Port – A detachable charging port with a zipper allows your Model 3 to be charged when not in use, without having to take off the car cover.
All Weather Protection – All-weather outdoor cover can effectively protect your Model 3 from harmful UV rays, dirt, dust, snow, frost, industrial pollutants, and bird droppings. Its soft cotton lining protects your car from scratch, perfect for indoor and outdoor use.
Windproof Design & Reflective Strips – Adjustable straps and buckles at the bottom to protect your car cover from blowing off in windy days, attached reflective warning band to prevent collision accident in a dark environment.


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