What is VR AR MR XR and What are the differences between VR AR MR XR ?

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Today I am answering a frequent question which is What is VR AR MR XR ? and How does each XR technology compares to each other? What are the main differences between VR AR MR XR?

This is a question I had before learning AR, VR, MR, XR, I just didn’t know the main differences between them and today I am happy to be able to answer it, answer it in a way that is visual and from practical usages I have done by bringing you more than 600 videos with these technologies.

To learn about each technology watch the following playlists broken down by tech:

(AR Augmented Reality) AR Foundation For Beginners playlist:
(VR Virtual Reality) VR With Oculus playlist:
(MR Mixed Reality) playlist:
Recommended Unity Asset For Today is “VR Interaction Framework”
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