What sales tools are NOT resonating any longer? “Expert on Demand” with Cam Smith, VP Business Dev

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What sales tools are NOT resonating any longer?

One of the biggest things that I see not working especially in recent times is what the industry would refer to as cold calling. Just not a real proponent or a fan of cold calling for cold calling’s sake. And really what I mean by that is you know the way that we used to pick up a phone and try and engage somebody on the telephone line that we’ve never met, the same thing applies in email, it applies in social media and really what we’re trying to do is leverage relationships and trust and rapport that we have in the industry.

I’m a big believer in what I would call the “warm introduction” certainly after all these years in this business you know we have to take advantage of some of our trusted contacts and our network that have dealt with us along the way. I would say that cold calling is, in my opinion, not working in our business any longer, it is far more relationships based, it’s far more trust, rapport based. People like buying from people, they do buy more in the long run from people they trust and like.

~ Cam Smith VP Business Development, Canada West Levvel Inc.

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