White Limousine Car Driving – Highway Gas Station Service #5 – Android Gameplay

In Gas Station 2 Highway Service game you can select a sports car, a bus, a truck, or even a tow car.

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► Discover the intricacies of highway services work from two standpoints – as a driver and as their employee. So you will not only park on gas stations to fill your tank or wash your vehicle but also drive a tow car, helping the ones in need. Get ready to drive and park in a variety of lifelike locations.

The gameplay is a bit different for each one of them! Learn to drive all of them and remember that speed is not everything – you will also have to be precise in your parking!

You will explore not only places on and around the highway, but also offroad tracks from time to time. Learn to drive with precision on all of the tracks! Adapt to traffic and prove yourself as the master driver!

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