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Every business should design a marketing strategy, tactics, or techniques to help augment their sales and improve the visibility of their business in the market. To come up with a marketing strategy, a business can utilize various marketing tools to advertise and promote its business, products, and services. It is through these marketing tools that businesses will be able to deliver important messages that they want to convey to their target markets and potential customers. These tools can be utilized either offline or online and it plays a very important part of a marketing campaign.

Businesses can choose from a wide range of marketing tools depending on their allocated budget, overall visions and goals, target market, products, services, and marketing strategies. But the basic tools include brochures, calling cards or business cards, and websites. There are also sophisticated tools such as radio or TV commercials, promotional products, email or print newsletters, social marketing networks, press releases, banner advertisements, blogs, billboards, and e-books. All these are proven to be effective marketing campaign tools but the price is also too expensive.

Marketing tools are essential because they are used by businesses as a means of communication to inform the public of their products and services. These tools create market awareness which in the long run can make a business lucrative. For example, a marketing slick is used by businesses to give customers a product overview, product snapshot, and its uses. Some use blogs to show their expertise about this particular product and give consumers tips and advice about it.

A company can use marketing tools to keep on reminding customers about their products that are available for sale. Email marketing is an easy means to contact customers after they make their first purchase. Based on your record, you can remind your customer that it is time to order again.
Affordable software applications have been a game-changer for business. Marketing, sales, inventory, equipment management, HR, Accounts Payable and Receivable, and time tracking can ALL be better managed with the aid of software tools.

Here are some of the most popular tools that you need to consider for your business:

Communication & Collaboration
● Slack
● Gmail
● Trello
● Google Drive
● Dropbox
● OneDrive
● Zoom

● Calendly

● MailChimp
● Constant Contact
● Active Campaign
● Buffer

Bookkeeping and Financials
● Paypal
● Quickbooks

Sales and Customer Management
● Salesforce
● ZenDesk

Time Management & Tracking
● TimeDoctor
● RescueTime

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