Wobbly Life LIMOUSINE Secret – New Limo in Wobbly Life NEW Major Update v0.6.0 Secrets

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Leute heute zeigen wir euch in Wobbly Life, wie Ihr die Limousine bekommt.
Um das Wobbly Life Limousine Secret zu lüften, müsst ihr ein geheimen Knopf finden im Quiz Show Gebäude.

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Update Notes : Wobbly Life NEW Major Update v0.6.0

New/Updated Content
New Content:
– Somethings happening on the mountain!
– Added Science lab job
– Added Television Studio! Including the Wonderful Wobbly Quiz and a greenscreen room
– Added Firefighter job
– Added Woodcutter job
– Added Fighter Jet race

– New Clothes: Quizmaster Outfit, Cowboy Outfit, Stonks Hat, Diving Helmet, Firefighter Outfit, Plunger Hat, Woodcutter Outfit, Dino Pants, Spider Outfit, Pilot Helmet, Lab Coat, Safety Goggles, Smart Glasses – Male/Female Version, Secret Service Glasses/Female version, Mad Scientist Hat, JoonBug, WoollyBear and Dario Tv Shirts, Present Hat, Lightbulb Hat, Arrow Hat, Princess Dress, Pharaoh Headress, Avocado Shirt, Shark Costume, Fish Bowl Hat, Trash can Costume, Globe hat

– Added Icecream Truck vehicle
– Added Hamster Ball vehicle
– Added Hovercraft vehicle
– Added Tree Cutter vehicle
– Added Fighter Jet vehicle
– Added Limousine vehicle
– Added Toy Shop in City
– Added Lil C, Toppy, Rabbit and Parrot pets
– Added option in Dye Shop to revert selected clothes to its default color
– Added Steam trading cards and community items
– More secrets

Updated Content:
– New save system – Allows for multiple worlds, each with up to 4 characters
– Updated GoKart handling
– Revamped Wardrobe/Clothes Shop UI
– Each Clothes shop now has a unique catalogue
– Presents now go transparent once you’ve collected them
– When completing a delivery job the money bags are now spawned with the player instead of at the delivery end point
– When finishing/losing a race Players are teleported back to the race start
– UFO Pizza Delivery now has a 10min timer and only one instance can be played at a given time

Graphical Improvements:
– Improved terrain performance
– Added soft shadows option
– Player map icons change when you are on a job
– Added Sun Flare
– Slightly improved skybox and day night cycle
– Updated Intro Cutscene images
– Added option to toggle Sun Flare
– Added option to turn on higher quality terrain
– Added option to toggle Tessellation
– Added option to change between Vertical and Horizontal Splitscreen
– Added saving indicator
– Added defaults option in options menu
– Added option to change rain quality

00:00 Intro
03:05 Limousinen Secret
06:05 Der geheime Knopf ( Secret Button )
06:40 Das Limousinen Geschenk
08:45 Limo umfärben

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