Wordsmith Walkthrough – by ManageByStats, your Amazon Seller Software Tool

Take a look at our walkthrough of the newly released Wordsmith Tool. Use this tool to easily and effectively set up your product pages on Amazon!

Created by Amazon Sellers for Amazon Sellers, ManageByStats is what you use when selling on Amazon, when you are frustrated trying to use their interface.

Trying to find your Repeat Buyers? Want to export your Customer List? Wish you could group your products by Brand or Product Line, and see your Revenue, Fees, Rebates, Payouts, PPC Costs, Product Costs, Profit, Sales Tax collected by Day, Week, Month & Year?

Get fully searchable and sort-able customer lists, send custom follow-up emails automatically and efficiently.

If you are looking for an Amazon Seller software tool suite that can really help your Amazon business, then this is it. You will have a hard time finding any other Amazon Seller tools on the market with more features than ManageByStats.

It all comes with fantastic support and a 14-day free trial – no credit card required.

For more information and additional help, please visit our Help pages at and you can also get more information on our Blog (which is updated with how to’s and tips regularly) at

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