A real stretched out private jet turned in to an amazing limousine, from actual tanks, Ferrari, Lamborghini’s, and other extreme sports cars! Wait t’ill you see these limo’s! Also, some of the most expensive in the world!

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Have you ever wondered what kind of limousines the absolute richest people in the world cruise around in? We’re talking people with big imaginations, and even bigger wallets. Ever wondered how many flat screens you can fit in a Jet that’s been repurposed as a limousine? If you have, well, that’s really specific. Have you ever wanted to get inside the world’s most exclusive limousines, to get a glimpse of the luxurious and pampered lifestyles of the rich and famous? Did you ever think to yourself how cool it would be to ride in a Tank Limo? Well, today’s the day all your questions get answered. Buckle up, because we’re about to ride into the world’s most unique limousines!

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