XR livestreaming event : Real -Time & Remote Virtual Production w/ DJ Jonathan Peters 5/28/22

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Interactive DJ livestream in META bowling alley!

🎧 Music by DJ Jonathan Peters (Sound Factory) ,who is the G.O.A.T. of NYC nightlife🐐🏙🗽
I design & program XR (extended reality) virtual immersive environment and do Real-Time rendered live visuals.
This high-end DJ & VJ livestream is created in real-time over the internet remotely. Jonathan is doing live DJ at his studio and I’m doing live visuals at my studio during livestreaming. In order to merge real & virtual worlds and produce new virtual immersive environment in Real-Time, We are using XR (Extended Reality) technology which is the emerging technology behind metaverse.
We are livestreaming every Saturday 6pm EST at jonathanpeters

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