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Today I will review Tesla Yoke Steering Wheel from Tesery.com for Model 3 and Model Y owners. Order link👉 y
View More Style for Custom Steering Wheel👉 l

Best Tesla Model 3/Y Accessories 2022! Links below ⬇️

Tesery Floor Mat👉 />These all-weather floor mats are the best budget-friendly alternative to the popular mats. They’re made with a waterproof TPE material that is odorless and non-toxic. The mats are comfortable for long drives and have raised edges to protect from dirt and spills and are lightweight, making them easy to remove for cleaning.

Tesery Screen Protector👉 />You definitely want to protect the most important part of the interior which is the touchscreen, and this screen protector from Tesery is a must if you want to get a perfect fail-proof fit when installing it. It has a anti-glare finish with fingerprint resistance.

Center Console Trays👉 />The interior of your car will be really organized and tidy with this Tesla center console trays. It will also keep your car clean and tidy.

Tesla Mobile Connector👉 />Must-have for charging your car at home or when you travel.

Cable Holder👉 />This cable holder/organizer is more affordable than Tesla’s version and is easy to install. Use it to wrap the excess cable around and as a place to hold the charger for a more organized home charging setup.

Camera Covers👉 />All Teslas have interior cabin cameras that are used for monitoring drivers for Full Self Driving, but if you don’t have FSD and want to maximize privacy then these camera covers allow you to quickly block/unblock the camera.

Sunshade👉 />This has two layers of light blocking fabric for maximal light & heat insulation in hot weather and is custom fit for the Model 3. It stays in place with a simple velcro strap and by flipping down the sun visors.

Jack Pad👉 />Its durable and robust rubber material allows it to protect your car paint prevents damage to the chassis and battery, when lifting the vehicle to rotate the tires.

Brake Pedal Cover👉 />An integrated application of aluminum alloy and eco-friendly rubber materials, our non-slip accelerator brake pedal cover can enhance the pedal’s friction to ensure users’ safety when driving.

Center Console Cup Holder👉 />It inserts can help you fix the beverages and other sundries well so that the liquid will not overflow and stain your car. The bottle can also be fixed to prevent it from sliding and falling.

Configuration Upgrade
Spoiler👉 y
Steering wheel👉 l
Caliper cover👉 e
Instrument panel👉 y
Screen swiveling mount👉 y
Mud flaps👉 s
Logo projection light👉 t
Led welcome pedal👉 y
Tesla Wheel👉 s

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