ZoomInfo Powered by DiscoverOrg Review: by Nancy Nardin of Smart Selling Tools

Hi it’s Nancy Nardin and today I’ll be talking about ZoomInfo Powered by DiscoverOrg.

ZoomInfo is a powerful sales prospecting and go-to-market solution for salespeople, marketing, and C-Level execs.

Among its differentiators are machine learning tools, a vast community network, and human verification with a team of researchers and data quality engineers. The result? high quality, quantity and depth of data and insights.

Data is the engine that drives growth and productivity; if you don’t have access to high quality data and insights sales and marketing professionals can quickly drain all of their resources just figuring out what to do next.

Go-to-market leaders… don’t settle for the notion that bad data is acceptable or that you have to build entire teams to cleanse and normalize data. Likewise, there’s no need for Sales reps to spend two-thirds of their time on non-selling activities, like going to a dozen sources to gather a 360-degree view of their customers.

ZoomInfo is an efficient way to solve for those pain points.

Let me show you some of the powerful functionality starting with one of my favorites;
What if you could get the inside scoop on when a company becomes interested in a solution like yours? That’s called “buyer Intent”.

ZoomInfo researchers regularly uncover hundreds of projects happening across all industries and classifications.

Salespeople can quickly discover when a company, in this case, Northrop Grumman is evaluating new vendors.

They can learn when trigger events happen, like funding rounds and new management hires and get suggestions on the right actions to take.

Along with human research, ZoomInfo pulls intent signals from a variety of sources directly into their platform. Understand your buyer’s interests and pinpoint when they’re most ready to purchase. Very powerful.

Here’s another example. If you’re like most companies, your CRM is full of outdated, or incomplete company and contact records. Zoominfo can enrich those records with its unique information like; job title, email, size of the sales team, social network information, funding, technology use, and hundreds of other data points. Because of its ideal customer profile feature, it can score leads so salespeople prioritize the best opportunities for follow-up.

Of course, a big part of go-to-market and prospecting activities is creating lists of companies and contacts.

ZoomInfo makes it easy to filter by triggers, like funding dates, or by technologies, or demographics. Imagine creating lists that feed a salesperson’s territory activities, or an inside sales reps call plans.

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to describe all of ZoomInfo’s powerful features in a short video. For instance, their organizational charts, out-of-the-box integrations with sales and marketing systems, the fact that they have a team of over 300 researchers verifying the data in real-time. Their advanced real-time email validation of all contact records. AND… Over 100 million verified B2B professionals at more than 15 million companies – enabling faster pipeline generation and improved targeting.

It’s for those reasons, we’ve named ZoomInfo’s new platform, ZoomInfo Powered by DiscoverOrg, our Recommended Sales Technology of the Week.

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